The founding partners have created a network of 4 agencies based in the Greater Region, these being: BENG Architectes Associés and Espace & Paysages in Luxembourg, R²D² Architecture in Brussels and Noury & Associés in Thionville. This network provides a solid bedrock of complementary skills backed by almost 70 staff and constantly upgraded material resources enabling it to successfully complete its projects.

Since its creation in 1998, the work philosophy of the agency Noury & Associés has been to see outline plans right through to fruition. The design aspects are adapted to the local and regional context, taking full account of the prevailing socio-economic developments in the areas in question and their incorporation within the landscape as a whole. Our experience helps us to adopt a sensitive and intelligent approach to design, with perfect knowledge of the local challenges and issues involved, particularly in the Moselle area, enabling us to propose appropriate and well thought out architectural, urban planning and landscaping solutions.

From the very outset, ecological and environmental considerations are incorporated within the design. This includes among other things the durability of the materials used, reductions in energy consumption with external insulation, in addition to water management measures, etc. We draw upon the latest techniques and materials to meet current energy and landscaping requirements. This enables us to limit as much as possible the environmental impact of a project with the aim of protecting the ecosystems concerned. Albert Goedert, one of the founding partners, holds an "international zertifizierter passivhausplaner" (international passive house architect’s certificate).

The group we form along with BENG and Espace & Paysages provides us with complementary skills and experience, including via the Habitreg project which works to manage and harmonise local housing policies between Wallonia, Lorraine and the Grand Duchy’s Greater Region.